My granny and my restaurant

Maude, named after my granny who opened my eyes to cooking and food, is the culmination of all my life and career experiences captured into one intimate, little space. I’ve been so fortunate in all facets of my career, but truthfully I’d been yearning to get back in a restaurant kitchen ever since I left my job as head chef at Quo Vadis in London. When a small restaurant space in Beverly Hills, California became available down the road from my home, I jumped at the opportunity to snap it up as my own.

Call me crazy but working 14-15 hours a day, 6 days a week over a stinking hot stove is what I love to do. I worked flat out in great restaurants for the majority of my 20s, classically trained under legendary chef, Marco Pierre White. I thrive in a restaurant environment and from as early as I can remember, it has always been my dream to open my own.

My career took a slight turn in my late 20s, which saw me stepping out of Michelin star kitchens to promote my food and cooking philosophy to a wider audience via a multitude of media platforms. Fantastic opportunities to share my philosophy opened up for me in the States so I headed over with just a suitcase in hand and have thankfully ended up with a beautiful family, a home, flourishing veggie garden and now my first-solo restaurant here, in Los Angeles.

The Concept

I decide on one seasonal ingredient each month and genuinely challenge my team and I to build it into each course within the degustation. Working so intimately and intensely with a single ingredient pushes us to think of truly sophisticated and innovative ways to use every edible morsel…flesh, skin, seed, stalk, leaf, flower, oil, you name it. In some courses, the ingredient of the month may be at the centre of the plate.

Other times, it’ll just be a subtle inclusion, however a hint of flavour or texture will assure you of its presence. I source a complementary variety of the freshest, most local and organic ingredients to create memorable and meaningful dishes that provoke you to appreciate and understand ingredients on a deeper level.

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Each month a unique menu is created to pay homage to the ingredient of the month and to all of the incredible produce that comprises the tasting plates. 

My team and I live and breathe the seasonal, hero ingredient and share our knowledge and understanding of that ingredient in each of the nine courses. 

Serving only a special, small group at any one time means our dishes are strikingly detailed, refined and appreciated in a small, intimate space.

A menu-less restaurant

It's my way to say, "I got this".

Why should my guests feel confident to leave themselves in my hands sans menu? It’s an interesting question… When I go to my friends’ restaurants, I don’t ask to see the menu. Often the chef will simply take the menu out of our hands and will serve only the best dishes he or she can think up, using the finest quality ingredients to hand. It’s the royal treatment and what a great perk of being in the industry! My aim is to give all my guests that royal treatment, a true chef’s table experience. Through concentrating wholeheartedly on one menu, inspired by one ingredient, we’re able to trial, test and taste to the nth degree. I want my guests to leave with their head spinning, thinking, “I had no idea you could do all those things with one ingredient.”

By all means, if you have any dietary requirements or special requests, just let us know ahead of time and we’ll come up with different, equally elegant and delicious tasting plates for you.