Juicy Carving Board

I’m going to let you in on a secret – the secret to the most flavoursome jus you’ve ever tasted. When you carve a roast, the jus that comes out of the meat has the very best flavour. I’ve designed this Juicy Carving Board at a 2˚ angle so as you carve, the juices flow down to collect in the clever removable tray - this is the juice that professional chefs use to make super tasty sauces!

Product Features


The inclined board and tray prevent juices from spilling all over your bench top

The board also doubles as a stunning everyday cutting board.

Carve up your favourite poultry and meat on this board and let the tray catch all those delicious juices for you.

Care & Usage

Before use, wipe with damp cloth and allow to dry

After use, scrub with warm, soapy, soft scourer and dry immediately - do not use metal scourer

Do not wash board in the dishwasher, soak, or submerge in water as this will damage the natural properties of the bamboo

Tritan™ plastic juice tray is dishwasher safe

To maintain natural bamboo properties, after cleaning, wipe over sparingly with natural mineral oil

Remember bamboo is flammable and should never be placed in oven or near cook top

Store in a clean, dry area allowing air to circulate around the board


What's Included

Includes eco sustainable bamboo carving board and 1 x Tritan™ plastic BPA-free tray

18” x 15” (465mm x 395mm) including tray

Stand Out Features

Board is at a 2˚ angle so that juices flow and are caught in removable Tritan™ plastic tray

End-grain construction

Use to present and carve roast at the table

Made from eco sustainable bamboo - will not harm knife edge

Doubles as a day-to-day cutting board