• Curtis & The Chew :
    Curtis helps Carla make this creamy and crunchy dessert!
  • Conan & Curtis :
    Curtis trying to teach Conan how to score on date night by cooking his lady a nice meal.
  • The Chew :
    Curtis joins the Chew Crew to make this delicious holiday dish!
  • Queen Latifah & Curtis :
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  • Curtis & George Lopez
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  • Vegetable & Beef Pasties
  • Individual Mango Pavlovas
  • Sausage and Cheese Rolls
  • Brandy Custard with Curtis
  • Christmas Pudding with Curtis
  • Beef Rissoles with Curtis
  • Slow Cooked Beef Ragu
  • Crispy Skin Duck with Curtis
  • Cook Stir-Fried Rice Noodles with Curtis
  • Pizza Bianca with Asparagus, Potato and Proscuitto
  • Thai Pork Burgers and Pineapple Chutney with Snow Pea and Mint Slaw
  • Christmas Recipe - Potato Gratin
  • Prawn Fried Rice
  • Spicy Garlic and Parsley Prawns
  • Christmas - How to make Caramel Popcorn
  • How to make a Cheddar Puffs
  • Crab Fritters
  • How to make Sweet & Spicy Nuts
  • Mexican Spiced Pork Roast
  • Curtis & The Chew
  • Curtis & The Chew
  • Curtis & The Chew
  • Corn Bacon & Potato Chowder
  • Vegetable Fettuccine with Curtis
  • Peach and Rum Glazed Ham
  • Summer Vegetable Parmesan and Basil Fettuccine
  • Steak with Grilled Onion and Spinach
  • Spring Zucchini and Leek Fettuccine