Juicy Polypropylene Carving Board

I’m going to let you in on a secret – the secret to the most flavoursome jus you’ve ever tasted. When you carve a roast, the jus that comes out of the meat has the very best flavour. I’ve designed this Juicy Carving Board at a 2˚ angle so that as you carve, the juices flow down to collect in the clever catchment tray - this is the juice that professional chefs use to make super tasty sauces! 

The polypropylene board is an extension of the bamboo Juicy Carving Board (link to bamboo board). Some of us have kitchens that really suit wooden boards and others have something a little more modern looking. I designed this board up to cater for those with more modern kitchens. In addition to aesthetics, some people simply like to cut on wood and some people like to prep on plastic. It’s really just a personal choice and I’ve got something for both preferences! 

Product Features


The inclined board and tray prevent juices from spilling all over your bench top.

The board also doubles as a stunning everyday cutting board.

Carve up your poultry and meat on this board and let the tray catch all those delicious juices for you.

Care & Usage

Before use, wipe with a damp cloth and allow to dry

After use, scrub with a warm soapy soft scourer and dry immediately.  Do not use a metal scourer

Store in a cool dry area, allowing air to circulate around the board and the frame

Dishwasher safe


What's Included

Includes polypropylene carving board and 1 x Tritan™ plastic BPA-free tray

Includes removable bread board on the underside

Stand Out Features

Made from polypropylene and has built-in Microban antibacterial protection that helps keep your board cleaner between uses

The Microban antibacterial protection works continuously to help inhibit the growth of common household bacteria that can cause unpleasant stains and odours

Board is set at a 2° angle to allow juice to flow easily into the stainless steel channel as you carve

Can also be used as an everyday cutting board

Will not harm the edge of the knife