Workbench Cutting Board

Spending a lot of time in home kitchens generated the idea for the Workbench. I looked at people doing their prep and thought to myself, there’s got to be an easier way!? The Workbench gives you that easier way. When you chop, dice or peel, three things start to happen when using a regular chopping board.
You create waste, messand space becomes limited. This board has both waste and storage compartments that save you space and time so that you can get on with it. Working with my board means you can be so much more efficient in the kitchen.

Product Features


Anytime you ever need to do prep, it can be done on the Workbench Cutting Board. For example, the board really lends itself to prepping a dish such as a stir-fry. When cutting 5 or 6 different vegetables on a normal cutting board, you run out of space and you have to retrieve the bowls from the cupboard, which in turn creates additional cleaning up, plus you need to head to the bin to get rid of waste. Mine is an all-in-one super efficient board that saves you from running around the kitchen like a headless chook!

Care & Usage

Before use, wipe with a damp cloth and allow to dry
After use, scrub with a warm soapy soft scourer and dry immediately,do not use metal scourer
Store in a clean, dry area allowing air to circulate around the board
Do not wash board in the dishwasher, soak or submerge in water as this willdamage the natural properties of the bamboo
Tritan™ plastic waste disposal drawer, storage drawer and containers are all dishwasher safe
To maintain natural bamboo properties, after cleaning, wipe over sparingly with natural mineral oil

Remember bamboo is flammable and should never be placed in oven or near cook top


What's Included

Includes eco sustainable bamboo cutting board
4 x square Tritan™ plastic BPA-free fresh lock containers with air-tight siliconesealed lids
2 x rectangle Tritan™ plastic BPA-free fresh lock containers with air-tight silicone sealed lids
Tritan™ plastic BPA-free waste disposal and storage drawers

Stand Out Features

Made from eco sustainable bamboo
3 ply construction
22” x 14” (550mm x 350mm)

The bamboo will not harm knife edge

Transfer finely diced ingredients into containers for storage

Transfer waste into built in waste compartment and deal with it once your food is cooking